International Journal of Advanced Research in

Science and Technology (IJARST)

Volume 2 - Issue 1 | 2013


Training and classification of Epilepsy Detection using EEG

Anand Nandanwar, M. C. Kiran, K. Ch. Varada Rajulu* and C. N. Pandey


Training and classification of Epilepsy Detection using EEG

G.Rajendra Kumar*, Kuda Neswara Rao and Santhosh Kumar Dhavala


Static mechanical properties of GFRP laminates with fly ash and graphite as filler material

A.K. Parida*, V.R.Bhatta, B.K.Martha, B.Nayak and R.K.Mohanta


Synthesis and characterization of CNTs using egg albumin & Metal (Cr+3)

Rajeev Kumar Sharma*, B. Tiwari and J. S. Tomar


A Comparative study on Short term load forecasting using BPNN and Extreme Learning Machine.

J.C Pati*, K.K Mishra and S.K Patnaik


Ticketing System of Indian Railways through SMS and Swapping Machine.

Garima Sinha*, P. N. Gupta and Deepak K. Sinha


MRI Image Retrieval Using Gabor Wavelet Based Texture Features

N. Kumaran* and R. Bhavani


Structural and Morphological modification of 100 MeV, silver (Ag8+) Swift Heavy Ions Irradiated Polypyrrole

Anju Dhillon*


Insights into Social Networking Dynamics of Students - An Explorative Study

Goli Srilatha* and B. Krishna Reddy


Automatic Road Detection of Satellite Images- a Survey

Supreet Kaur* and Seema Baghla


Mixed PCA and Wavelet Transform based Effective Feature Extraction for Efficient Tumor Classification using DNA Microarray Gene Expression Data

Jayakishan Meher*


Application Of Intelligent data agent in data mining problems

Subrat Prasad Pattanaik* , Alok Ranjan Tripathy and Ashok Kumar Panda

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