International Journal of Advanced Research in

Science and Technology (IJARST)

Volume 2 - Issue 3 | 2013


Life history, phenology, host plant selection and utilization in the endangered danaid eggfly Hypolimnas misippus

J.B. Atluri, B. Samatha and M. Bhupathi Rayalu*


Implementation of Area Efficient Barrel Shifter

A.V.S Naidu* and B. Vijayabhaskar


Image and Audio compression by Wavelet Transform using MATLAB Wavelet tool box

P. Kanaka Raju*


Conservation of Lake Kolleru: Status Report

N Sreenivas* and P Anil Kumar


Folk Medicines for Treating Livestock in Vizianagaram and Srikakulam Districts, Andhra Pradesh, India.

V. Lakshminarayana* and G.M. Narasimharao


Trace Metals in Zooplankton of River Coringa, Coringa Wild Life Sanctuary, East Coast of India.

N. Sreenivas* and P Anil Kumar


Synthesis, DC conductivity and dielectric properties of rf-plasma polymerized poly (3-methyl thiophene) thin films.

Shama Islam, M. Zulfequar and Azher M. Siddiqui *


Study on effect of peroxide modification on bamboo fiber reinforced thermosetting resin composites.

Pradeep Kr. Kushwaha, K. Ch. Varada Rajulu* and Rakesh Kumar


Effect of nanoclay on water absorption and thickness swelling of wood based composite.

Mamatha B.S* and Jagadish R.L


Fuzzy Based Real Time Task Scheduling for Multiprocessor System.

Satyajit Nayak* and Pratyush Ranjan Mahapatra

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