Volume 4, Issue 8

Multitude based Quiz System: Targeted Crowd Sourcing.


A. Prakasa Rao* and G. Syam Prasad



The multitude (Crowd) based Quiz System is described as gamified system that simultaneously accesses the knowledge of users and acquires the new knowledge from them. This QS operates by asking the users some basic questions to know their basic knowledge. To acquire the new knowledge QS also incorporates new questions that we don’t have known answers. The answers given by the competent users provide useful information for selecting the correct answers. QS Also tries to identify the competent users on the Internet by running the advertisement campaign. This QS quantifies the user contribution by the principle of Information Gain and sends feed back to the each user about their contribution. The cost and quality of this approach is optimized in terms of less cost and good quality respectively for this paid crowd sourcing.



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A. Prakasa Rao* and G. Syam Prasad | Multitude based Quiz System: Targeted Crowd Sourcing. | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20150872

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