Volume 4, Issue 7

Security Challenges in Telecommunication Networks and Mechanisms Used by The Companies in Tanzania


Adum Joseph* and Enock Ernest Chenya



The major purpose of this research was to assess the security challenges in telecommunication networks, and the mechanism used by Airtel Telecommunication Company in Tanzania to protect its information. The case study research design was used because a case study is a comprehensive description and analysis of a single situation or a number of specific situations. A self-designed structured questionnaire was used to collect data from 150 respondents selected randomly from Information Technology (IT) experts, end users of the system and customers of Airtel Tanzania. The researcher collected 150 completed questionnaires. Data were analyzed using percentage, frequency and statistics. The findings showed that cultural and legal practice when dealing with security across international borders is a complex challenge in security of information system in Airtel Tanzania, and standard mechanisms used to control and protect information system of the telecommunication were Password policy system and user Authentication. It is therefore recommended by the researcher that the standard security measures such as Intrusion Detection systems (IDSs) and Biometrics should be used to deter threats to the system. The researcher also recommend that the company should extensively conduct staff training on how to use the mechanism to protect the information system of Airtel company Tanzania. The use of secure supported applications should be implemented as a mechanism to prevent accidental and intended data loss



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Adum Joseph* and Enock Ernest Chenya | Security Challenges in Telecommunication Networks and Mechanisms Used by The Companies in Tanzania | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20150762

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