Volume 4, Issue 7

Computational Analysis of Medicinal Plants based on Biosignals in herbal bioinformatics.


Jayakishan Meher*



Drug discovery and development from natural products are gaining highly. Organic compounds from terrestrial and marine plants have extensive past and present use in the treatment of many diseases and serve as compounds of interest both in their natural form and as templates for synthetic modification. It is known that drug is developed from various compounds extracted from medicinal plants. But the medicinal value prepared from a plant of specific region is different from that plant of other regions. The study of variation in the medicinal value obtained from these plants is a computationally intensive task. It is observed that the medicinal value is a function of molecular sequence of the plant. The DNA sequence analysis reveals that the medicinal value depends on the structure of DNA. Understanding the functions of genes is a major post-genomics challenge. Analysis of gene expression becomes necessary for better understanding of molecular mechanisms, providing clues about regulatory mechanisms, biochemical pathways and broader cellular function. The gene expression profile of a cell determines its phenotype, function and response to the environment. This seems to be a new area of research, known as herbal bioinformatics. Here a review on bioinformatics studies that have contributed to medicinal plants research has been extensively made and seen that advanced signal processing tools and computational intelligence techniques can be adopted for the analysis of DNA sequence of representative medicinal plants to draw any conclusion.



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Jayakishan Meher* | Computational Analysis of Medicinal Plants based on Biosignals in herbal bioinformatics. | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20150753

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