Volume 2, Issue 3

Effect of nanoclay on water absorption and thickness swelling of wood based composite


Mamatha B. S* 1 and Jagadish R.L2



The demand for wood composite products such as particle board has increased distinguishingly. Future of particle board is dependent on the cost reduction of the resin and effort to improve its performance under service condition. The amount of water absorbed influences the swelling of the composite in thickness which affects the mechanical properties of the composite. Nano technology plays a vital role in significantly improving physical and mechanical properties of composites due to their nanoscale size. In this study, Nanomer PGV and Nanomer1.44p nanoclays were used to produce particle board of Poplar species. Nano clays were used as reinforcement filler for urea formaldehyde resin by mechanical mixing. Scanning electron microscope images (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) confirmed the dispersion and exfoliation of nanoclays in the adhesive. Prolonged gelation time was observed for Nanomer PGV reinforced resin. Particle board of 12mm thickness with 700 kg/m3 were manufactured using nanoclay reinforced resin. Water absorption and thickness swelling were evaluated as per Indian standard, for the laboratory scale made particle board. Water absorption and thickness swelling of wood composite was significantly reduced by adding Nanomer1.44 p to the resin. However Nanomer PGV did not show suitable effect on the stability of water absorption and Thickness swelling of the particle board.



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Mamatha B. S* 1 and Jagadish R.L2 | Effect of nanoclay on water absorption and thickness swelling of wood based composite | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20130380

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