Volume 3, Issue 1

Implementation of Urban Green Space System using Geo-informatics


Nikhil Arora1* and Sania Arif2


Worsening condition of our urban life such as uncontrolled growth of informal sector, destruction of the environment and abuse of ecological assets like water bodies and stretches of land have rendered cities in India in a regrettable state. A radical change in the development plan of open spaces in India can make it an eco-sensitive and a sustainable, urbanized center. A green space system is an essential ingredient of an urban ecosystem. Green space system planning and construction provides a crucial method for sustainable urban construction in India. Functions of an open space-turned-green space system essentially include protection, productivity, and recreation. This paper proposes sustainable urban green space system planning based on Geographic Information Systems, in order to provide experience for construction of sustainable cities in India. Combining ecological technology, water management systems, wastewater treatment technology and urban slow transport system people can utilize green space systems as an ecological, urban low carbon treatment facility as well as leisure and entertainment facility.



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Nikhil Arora1* and Sania Arif2 | Implementation of Urban Green Space System using Geo-informatics | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20140183

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