Volume 3, Issue 4

Development of Veneer – Bamboo Mat Flexi Ply


Sujatha D*, Uday. D. N and Anand Nandanvar


Flexi Ply or Flexible plywood is one of the latest panel product based on wood and is hailed as architect’s dream product and the interest in this product is growing day by day. Assembly of veneers in flexi ply is quite opposite to that in plywood. While the face veneers grain run across the length of the board, the thin inner layer (veneer grain) runs along the length of the board. However, flexi ply tends to break when bent too much, due to rupture of the thin inner layer. In order to overcome this problem, IPIRTI has developed a technology for flexi ply with the inner layer of veneer being replaced by bamboo mat. This reduces the possibility of breakage when rolled. Plywood of 3 mm and higher thickness have the tendency to break when rolled i.e., due to the non flexibility of the product. The flexi ply developed in combination with bamboo mat has flexibility up to 8mm thickness panels. The flexi ply so developed has great potential for applications in cabins of curved shapes, arch panels, furniture and joinery manufacturers.



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Sujatha D*, Uday. D. N and Anand Nandanvar | Development of Veneer – Bamboo Mat Flexi Ply | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20140450

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