Volume 4, Issue 2

Implementation of bit serial CORDIC for Robotic Applications.


T. Chandrika* and D.P.Raju


CORDIC stands for coordinate rotation digital computer. The key concept of CORDIC arithmetic is based on the simple and ancient principles of 2-D geometry. This iterative formulation of a computational algorithm for its implementation is developed for the computation of trigonometric functions and multiplication. Not only a wide variety of applications of CORDIC have been suggested over the time, but also a lot of progress has taken place in the area of algorithm design and development of architectures for high-performance and low-cost solutions .
Rotation of vectors through fixed and known angles has wide applications in robotics, digital signal processing, graphics, games, and animation. Therefore, in this paper, we be present Bit Serial Iterative (BSI) CORDIC Implementation for The Calculation of Trigonometric Functions. Synthesis of the proposed CORDIC Circuit was implemented in xilinx and shown that the proposed design offer higher throughput, less latency for fixed angles of rotation.



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T. Chandrika* and D.P.Raju | Implementation of bit serial CORDIC for Robotic Applications. | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20150209

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