Volume 4, Issue 2

Low power optimization of full adder, 4-bit BCD adder.


P. Lata* and B. Rambabu


Micro-electronic devices are playing a very prominent role in electronic
equipments which are used in daily life. For electronic equipment battery life
is important. So, in order to reduce the power consumption we implement a
Sleepy technique to the electronic circuits. Sleepy technique is also called as
power gating technique. In the power gating structure, a circuit operates in
two different modes. In the sleep mode, the sleep transistors are turned OFF
to reduce the leakage power. In the active mode, the sleep transistors are
turned ON and can be treated as the functional redundant resistances, as
circuit is in operation mode the power leakage should not be more than the
basic full adder. When a sleepy transistor is placed at VDD, it is called as the
"Header switch" and while it is placed near the ground, it is called as "Footer
switch". Now in our project we implement this technique to the Full-adder
and then it is used in 4-Bit Adder and 4-bit BCD Adder using 90nm scale
technology. Without losing the CMOS logic a new full adder is designed by
reducing the number of transistors which also leads to the reduction of chip
size. In almost all electronic equipment full adder is used. So this project has
been done with the aim of reducing the power consumption in the full adder
circuit and implementing it in 4-Bit Adder and 4-Bit BCD Adder.



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P. Lata* and B. Rambabu | Low power optimization of full adder, 4-bit BCD adder. | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20150208

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