Volume 1, Issue 1

Magnetic Properties of Ni0.65-xCdxZn0.35Fe2O4


P. Prameelaa*, P. Appa Raob and KH Raoc


Ni-Cd-Zn ferrites have been processed through conventional ceramic method. The diamagnetic
contribution of cadmium has been investigated by substituting it in place of nickel. Observed
variations in saturation magnetization, Curie temperature and initial permeability of the ferrites have
been explained on the basis of superexchange interactions among tetra and octahedral sites of spinel
lattice and by considering the anisotropy dependent parameters.



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P. Prameelaa*, P. Appa Raob and KH Raoc | Magnetic Properties of Ni0.65-xCdxZn0.35Fe2O4 | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20120115

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