Volume 2, Issue 2

Colour and its effects in interior environment: a review


Soma Kalia*


Colour is an inseparable as well as an important aspect of an interior
design. The maximum influence in interior comes with the design of
colour. So it is very important to study the colour and its effect in interior
environment, it may be physiological as well as psychological. For this,
articles were reviewed and analyzed from the existing literature, related to
use of colour in both residence as well as commercial interior. The three
major areas reviewed were (1) Psychological and physiological effect of
colour (2) Meaning of Warm, Cool and Neutral Colour (3) Effect of Colour
in forms. The results show that colour is important in designing functional
spaces. The results of this analysis may benefit to architects, interior
designer, and homeowner to use colour effectively in interior environment.



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Soma Kalia* | Colour and its effects in interior environment: a review | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20130265

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