Volume 13, Issue 1

A Review of Oil Spills on Marine Life and Associated Wildlife


J.L. Maurya & Alka Gupta


Oil is an ancient fossil fuel used to power sectors like heat and electricity production. A wide range of fuels in automobiles and lubricants for mechanical machines have a significant role in our economy. Oil spills occur due to accidents, such as vessels crashing or being damaged, problems with oil platforms and drilling, and people making mistakes or equipment breaking down. Other causes include natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic activity underwater. Volcanic eruptions can release oil and gas stored beneath the seafloor. The intense heat and pressure can cause hydrocarbons to escape, forming oil slicks on the water's surface. We provide a summary literature review and overview framework to help communities systematically consider the factors and linkages that would influence the consequences of a potential oil spill. The focus is on spills from oil tanker accidents. Drawing primarily on empirical studies of previous oil spill disasters, we focused on several domains of interest: the oil spill, the physical marine environment, marine biology, human health, and policy



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J.L. Maurya & Alka Gupta | A Review of Oil Spills on Marine Life and Associated Wildlife | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20241314

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