Volume 13, Issue 3

Browser-Based Cryptocurrency Mining in Music Streaming Website


B. Santhi Priya1, Nithish S2, Venkatesh S3, Prasanth S4


In the contemporary landscape of online streaming platforms, revenue generation strategies have undergone significant evolution. Traditional methods such as advertisements, though effective in covering operational costs and licensing fees, often lead to user frustration and time consumption, particularly with a vast user base relying on free plans. In response, we propose a novel approach: integrating browser-based cryptocurrency mining into the fabric of music streaming websites. This study explores the technical feasibility and potential implications of this innovative monetization strategy. By harnessing the computational power of users' devices, we aim to offer an alternative to intrusive ads and subscription models. Our research delves into the impact on device performance, energy consumption, and overall user experience, while also analyzing the revenue generation potential compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, we address ethical considerations surrounding user consent, privacy protection, and transparency in resource utilization. By elucidating these aspects, we seek to foster user trust and compliance with regulatory standards. Ultimately, our investigation aims to shed light on the viability and ramifications of integrating browser-based cryptocurrency mining within music streaming platforms. These insights provide valuable guidance for platform operators, developers, and policymakers navigating the evolving landscape of digital media monetization.



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B. Santhi Priya1, Nithish S2, Venkatesh S3, Prasanth S4 | Browser-Based Cryptocurrency Mining in Music Streaming Website | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20241335

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