Volume 13, Issue 4

A Review on Mineralization on Sustainable Dryland Agriculture


Vijaykanth Bonkuri


Sustainable dryland agricultural production relies on efficient and integrated systems for resource management, including irrigation and dryland farming, with water and soil conservation and efficient utilization of nutrients. The global annual production of crop-based food exceeds 200 million tons, however, about half is produced from irrigated and flood-prone areas and about a quarter of total crop production is fed to livestock. Due to increased water requirements for irrigation and other purposes, the water stress will grow in the next decades. In some regions, climate change threatens food production and will trigger major shifts in both the water and the nutrient budgets. Therefore, it is important to assess the potential of adaptation options in order to mitigate impacts on food security.



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Vijaykanth Bonkuri | A Review on Mineralization on Sustainable Dryland Agriculture | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20241301

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