Volume 13, Issue 4

Correlating Light Intensity with Body Heat Changes: Implications for Screen Time and Well-being


C V N M Kasyap1, Dr B Suneetha2


This study investigates the correlation between light intensity and body heat changes during screen time activities, aiming to uncover potential implications for well-being. With the pervasive use of screens in modern society, understanding how light emitted from devices affects physiological responses is crucial. The research employs a multidisciplinary approach, combining thermal imaging techniques with light intensity measurements to explore the intricate relationship between these variables. The methodology involves recruiting participants to engage in screen-based activities, such as watching television or using laptops, under controlled conditions. Thermal imaging cameras are utilized to monitor changes in body heat, providing real-time data on thermal responses. Concurrently, light intensity meters measure the brightness emitted by the screens, allowing for the quantification of light exposure levels. Data analysis encompasses statistical techniques to identify correlations between light intensity and body heat changes. Factors such as screen type, content, and viewing distance are considered to elucidate potential moderating variables. The findings aim to provide insights into how different levels of light intensity impact physiological well-being during screen time activities. Implications of the study extend to various domains, including ergonomic design, health recommendations, and screen usage guidelines. Understanding the interplay between light exposure and body heat regulation can inform the development of anti-screen technologies or interventions aimed at mitigating potential negative effects of prolonged screen time on health and well-being. Overall, this research contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationship between screen-based activities, light exposure, and human physiology.



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C V N M Kasyap1, Dr B Suneetha2 | Correlating Light Intensity with Body Heat Changes: Implications for Screen Time and Well-being | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20241362

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