Volume 7, Issue 1

Studies on the foliar epidermis of Verbascum chinense (L.) Santapau (Scrophulariaceae).


P. S. Lahari* and B. Hanumantha Rao



In the present investigation foliar epidermal features of Verbascum chinense (L.) Santapau have been studied in detail with emphasis on epidermal cell complex, costal cells, stomatal complex and trichome complex. The epidermal cells are predominantly irregular and anisodiametric. Their anticlinal walls are undulate to slightly sinuous in the adaxial surface and highly sinuous in the abaxial surface. The costal cells are elongated to polygonal. Leaves are amphistomatic with anomocytic and anisocytic stomata as basic type in both the surfaces. Multicellular, conical, nonglandular trichomes and simple, multicellular and uniseriate glandular trichomes occur in both the surfaces. Some of the interesting features include presence of cuticular ledges around stomatal pores, polar nodules, peristomatal rim, contiguous stomata, stomatal rings and stomatal chains.



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P. S. Lahari* and B. Hanumantha Rao | Studies on the foliar epidermis of Verbascum chinense (L.) Santapau (Scrophulariaceae). | DOI : https://doi.org/10.62226/ijarst20180123

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